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Never have to worry again while away!

Property surveillance at your fingertips!


Did you know that on average a burglary happens once every 23 seconds in the US? According to the FBI crime statistics, there are almost three burglaries every minute in America. 

Make sure you just don't become part of the statiscts, by buying our Spy Camera, which is proving to insure your full surveillance control of your property! 

How do you know for sure that no burglar trespasses your property?

Our Spy Camera inteligent motion detection system will send you Push Notifications to your phone wherever you are, once motion is detected within your property.

With a strong magnetic adsorption our small Spy Camera can be placed  from your home to your backpack or into your car. 

Day and night with our Spy Camera you will not miss anything while having full surveillance control at your fingertips. 

Reasons why our Spy Camera will change your life:

  • Never have to worry again while away with our Spy Camera Live-stream footage at your fingertips from anywhere in the world.
  • ¬†Stay confident that our Spy Camera will never miss a¬†thing with its professional-grade night vision that leaves nothing to the imagination.
  • Small and easy to fix due to its magnetic adsorption¬†you can place it anywhere¬†from your home to your backpack or in your car.
  • Our Spy Camera with its¬†advanced 2.0MP image sensor that will capture 1920 x 1080P HD video at 25fps with accurate color reproduction and 150¬į wide-angle professional grade lens, creates a large coverage view for your worry free day and night
  • Not sure about¬†the operating system? We've got you covered! The live video can be viewed via iOS/Android Smartphone, Tablet, Mac or Windows PC.¬†¬†

Have you ever went for holidays and got worried your home could be broken in by burglars while away?

Say goodbay to stressful holidays and Say Hello to calm and peaceful vacations with our Spy Camera!

Our Spy Camera is going to give you the luxury to control every inch of your home while being away and provide you also fun by allowing you to feel like a special agent.

Say goodbay to stressful holidays and Say Hello to calm and peaceful vacations with our Spy Camera!



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