Sherlock S2 Smart Keyless Door Lock


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Sherlock smart lock, no need to disassemble the original lock, easy to upgrade smart lock, APP control, or smart key switch door lock

Install the Sherlock Smart Lock, don't worry about forgetting to bring the key!

99% of the locks on the market can be matched to install Sherlock locks to upgrade to intelligent locks. Please feel free to buy them.((If you are not sure whether the lock at home can match the Sherlock Smart Lock, you can take a photo and send a screenshot to our customer service to help you confirm))

Select left open and right open please see the bottom of the details

Traditional lock upgrade
  1. Install the Sherlock Smart Lock to solve the following problems 
  2. Add visitors, when traveling outside,can share virtual key to other people on APP. 
  3. No worry again forget to carry the keys. 
  4. Free your hand, after setting done, support lock the door automatic. 
  5. For parents care, too old people can't accurately align the keyhole to open the door.   


Sherlock smart lock installed inside the door

Perfect shape design, does not affect the door unlocking, touch switch, better convenient switch door


3 kinds of intelligent switch door mode
1.Wireless Smart key opening      2.Mobile APP opens      3.Touch to open the door


11 Electric Door Lock

Remotely Distribute The Virtual Keys

12 Security Door Lock

Intelligent Anti-Theft Mode

13 Sherlock Door Lock

Unlocking Lock APP Information Push

14 Mini Door Lock

Smart Keys Switch The Lock Remotely (Not Included)

15 Home Door Lock

The Original Key Is Used Normally

16 Sherlock S2

Locking Anti-Collision Design

17 Fingerprint Smart Lock

Close Child Lock

Easy To Lock

18 Home Keyless Door Lock

Capacitive Touch Switch

Large Capacity Lithium Battery

19 Electronic Lock

Applicable Scene

Family / Rent

20 Remote Control Door Lock

Long/Short-Term Apartments Rental  / Mediation Management

21 APP Smart Door Lock

Professional Monitoring And Certification

22 Password Doorlock

Product Size

23 Smart Doorlock

Purchase notes:

① Product direction choose:

The smart lock need to check with your home door direction (left open door or right open door),Then choose the right direction.


01 Smart Lock


② Both the inner and outer sides of the lock need a keyhole

This product is suitable for anti-theft door locks,and inside the key holes are needed on side of the door lock and key switch locks can be used.


02 Smart Door Lock


③ The doors specification:

Compared with the following figure, can the Sherlock smart lock be installed?


03 Fingerprint Lock


④ The key specification:

Contrast to install the lock cylinder


04 Security Door Lock

⑤ Door lock perimeter size requirements

The smart lock is sticked with 3M glue,the space need to be flat,and the door lock width is less than 73mm.


05 Sherlock Smart Lock


⑥ Key size requirements

It need a key into the smart lock,here is the key size:


06 Security Lock


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