Rose Teddy Bear

23x20 cm purple
23x20 cm pink
23x20 cm red
23x20 cm Beige
23x20 cm white
23x20 cm purple 2+
23x20 cm purple 3+
23x20 cm purple 4+
23x20 cm pink 2+
23x20 cm pink 3+
23x20 cm pink 4+
23x20 cm red 2+
23x20 cm red 3+
23x20 cm red 4+
23x20 cm Beige 2+
23x20 cm Beige 3+
23x20 cm Beige 4+
23x20 cm white 2+
23x20 cm white 3+
23x20 cm white 4+

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A unique gift for any relationship!ย ๐Ÿ˜

This is the perfect gift for your sweetheart or wife,
Showing you the true long-term love for her,
You can also treat it as Valentine's Day,
Birthday, friend's wedding, anniversary or any memorable occasion.
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