Love Heart Lock Bracelet & Key Necklace

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  • Titanium, Laser Cutting and Polishing Technique
  • Anti-fatigue, Light and Comfortable to Wear
  • Silver Key to Tag Lock: A romantic unique key to lock couples gifts silver
  • Dedicated Design: The bracelets need to be open with the key pendant
  • Nickel free

Due to its strength and versatility, Titanium Stainless Steel, a kind of high-grade Stainless Steel (nickel free), has been increasingly used in a variety of jewelry styles.

The anodizing process used to create titanium stainless steel jewelry allows it to be available in a wide variety of colors.

Titanium stainless steel is one of the most expensive modern-metal types due to the process used in order to create the metal. This metal type is extremely light and comfortable to wear, growing in popularity among new types of jewelry.

Titanium stainless steel is very easy to care for with its tough material that is able to endure a lot of wear and tear. This modern metal is very low maintenance and will outlast other metal types without the worry of it losing its shine or fading in color.