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Infant Carrier Multi-functional Baby Carrier

For parents, having an infant carrier is a necessity. It is especially when traveling with their babies. Taking care of your child is hard enough at home. What more when you have to bring your baby outside for like a grocery run. You need to have your baby carrier to be able to do your daily tasks. With this carrier, it’s possible to do more tasks even while the baby is with you.

Ergonomic and Multi-functional

What’s amazing with this carrier is that it has so many functions. It’s not an ordinary baby carrier that you slip your baby and put around your body. No, it has 3 switching mode of functions. The first one is the Combination mode where you’re using both the upper carrier and the hip seat. The second mode is the Single Strap mode where you only use the upper carrier. And the last mode is the single stool mode where you use the hip seat. Keep in mind though that these modes are age-appropriate.

Good for Any Kinds of Weather

This carrier is good to use for any kinds of weather. It has a long back panel to offer more protection to the baby from strong wind, light rain, or harsh heat. This design is also for the protection of the baby’s spine. If the weather is good, you can take the long back panel off and carry the baby facing front. There are 15 different ways to use this carrier. It has an anti-friction feature to protect your baby’s skin. Using this carrier is safe for the baby because its fabric is a soft face cloth cotton and has a polyester lining.

Other Specifications

You can feel confident that your baby is protected because it has a 15mm thick soft padding cushion. Additionally, the buckle that wraps around your body is wide and strong enough. It is to provide you more support and to keep your baby safe and steady. It has a weight of 0.78kg, a waist circumference of 71-110cm, and suitable for 0 to 48-month-old babies

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