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You’ll spend 3,500 hours looking at screens this year!

Make staring at Excel sheets less painful!

  • More than half of American adults suffer adverse effects from overexposure to screens.
  • According to The Visual Council organization, nearly six out of 10 American adults report digital eye strain symptoms, including: Neck/shoulder pain (35%), Headaches (27.7 %), Eye strain (32.4 %), Blurred vision (27.9 %), Dry eyes (27.2 %).

Do you know how many hours the typical person spends looking at screens every day?

Ten hours! That’s right. According to the latest Nielson Total Audience Report is creeping up towards 11 hours of screen time a day.

You don’t believe it?  Think about how often are you looking at your smartphone or TV, working on your computer throughout the day?

You are looking at the screen right now, right? All this screen time is bad news for your vision and overall health!

While our bodies need some blue light to regulate our wake and sleep cycles, prolonged exposure to blue light from electronic devices has the power to disrupt your sleep, produce symptoms of eye strain or even worse cause permanent damage to your vision.

Damage from blue light is cumulative, meaning the more screen time without protection you have, the more likely you are to experience problems down the road. 

Make sure you just don't become part of the statistics, by buying our  Premium Clear Blue Light Glasses, which are proving to insure you will decrease your eyes exposure to blue light! 

Reasons why our Premium Clear Blue Light Glasses will change your life:

  • Help your eyes to be relaxed during screen time, significantly reducing or eliminating symptoms of digital eye strain
  • Using our Premium Clear Blue Light Glasses after dark will allow you to indulge your favorite nighttime activities while keeping your circadian rhythms(wake and sleep cycle) in check.
  • If you are student or a night owl or a night shift worker or just you have to work in front of the screen after the sun goes down,  using our Premium Clear Blue Light Glasses after dark can help your body regulate melatonin production (studies have shown links between low melatonin levels and certain types of cancer, obesity and heart disease).
  • Using our Premium Clear Blue Light Glasses limit how much blue light your eyes are exposed to, helping to ensure your eyes stay healthy over time.

How often do you get blurred vision orheadaches while spending time at your computer, scrolling through your feed on mobile or late-night Netflix binge? Both of these symptoms, along dry eyes, redness and eye fatigue are all signs of digital eye strain, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CSV).

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Researchers at Harvard found that blue light exposure has the power to disrupt the circadian rhythms(our internal clock that guides our sleep and wake cycle) twice as much.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and Say Hello to early mornings with our Premium Clear Blue Light Glasses!

Our Premium Clear Blue Light Glasses are going to keep your eyes relaxed during screen time, while reducing or eliminating symptoms of digital eye strain.

Give your eyes a break!



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