Bright Forged Saber

Black Hilt
Silver Hilt


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Yes, I am talking to You Super Hero!                        Empower yourself and be Unstoppable!

A unique gift for the Brave within!

The Bright Forged Saber has blaster sound and flash on clash and handles very well in dueling.

The smooth metal hilt made of aluminum alloy and the 3 feet blade of high quality poly carbonate provides a balanced grasp when handling this powerful saber.

Reasons why the Bright Forged Saber will change your life:

  • Real feel of a FX Movie
  • Empowering sensation of a real Super Hero
  • No matter your age¬†awakens¬†the child within
  • Makes you feel¬†Unstoppable

Are you still thinking about your dream of actually holding Bright Forged Saber in your hands and hear the blaster sounds and the flashes on clash when dueling?

Think no more as our Bright Forged Saber is yours to have right now and to fulfill your dream of  being a Super Hero!

Be part of the Legend!



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